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From:John Difford <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Dear Histonetters,

With regard to the recent correspondence on the subject of L-Shaped
embedding mould-formers.

 These are very useful and adaptable pieces of equipment, which I  use for
the paraffin embedding of large slices of brain or decalcified bone.

They are commonly called Leuckart's moulds after the inventor of the
system, and date from 1881.

 Interestingly, the L-shaped brass pieces which are  familiar to today's
users, are somewhat  different in pattern and constitution to Leuckart's
originals. They  were introduced by a chap called Dimmock in 1886, but it
is probably now too late to ask that we call them Dimmock's Moulds.

Anyone wishing to see the difference between the two types can consult:
Bracegirdle, B. 'A History of Microtechique'  2nd Edition 1986, page 268.
Science Heritage Ltd.

John Difford
Histopathology Department
Royal Free Hospital
London, England.

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