Re: Did this ever happen to you?

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That reminds me of the time we lost a piece of tissue in the gross room....
it was a 4mm skin punch, and it landed in the PA's pant cuff.  He didn't
find it until that night at home as I recall....needless to say it was a bit
dehydrated at that point...and we had all spent hours looking for it!!
Bonnie Whitaker
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Date: Monday, October 05, 1998 11:30 AM
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>A few days ago, we had one land in the corner of a lab coat facing. It
>was not found until the assistant was pulling on her coat from
>nervousness and felt it. We had all looked everywhere for what seemed
>like hours! What a relief! J:>)
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>>Subject: Re: Did this ever happen to you?
>>>Has anyone ever dropped a paraffin block and have it bounce forward, or
>>>they ALWAYS bounce under the cabinets or into the deep confines of the
>>>spaces under the tables?
>>Haven't you read the book "Why Toast Lands on the Buttered Side" (or
>>something like that).  This is not your imagination.  It isn't gremlins.
>>It's the sadistic reality of Murphy's Laws.  Besides that, the more
>>important that paraffin block is, the more likely you will be to see it
>>bounce into a corner where YOU CANNOT REACH IT!
>>Connie McManus... I just love murphy's stinking laws.  *g*

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