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Dr. Grabsch:

What you are observing is some of the metachromatic characteristics of DAB.
A very common phenomenon.  It can be a function of concentration, incubation
time, etc.  There are publications on this issue, but the exact reference
citations are not immediately available to me at this time.

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Heike Grabsch wrote:

> We use DAB as chromogen in ICC-studies. At the moment I am wondering why
> we get do different shades of coulours from almost black, pale very nasty
> looking dark brown to bright orange-brown.
> I do not like it, I would like to have the same nice brilliant colour
> every day. Are there any ideas about may be the chemical process behind
> this. Is it a matter of concentration (which is the same always) or
> temperature or what.
> Any comments and help to get a reproducible nice brilliant colour are
> highly appreciated.
> Dr. Heike Grabsch, Germany


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