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You can log into     web page and you will
find they have a listserver similar to the Histonet.



At 20:24 04/10/98 -0400, Diana Goodwin wrote:
>Hello again, Histonet!
>I need to compile some data regarding the current trends for preparing
>non-GYN cytology specimens.  Are there any cytotechs out there?  Or,
>does anyone know of a Cytotechnology listserver or newsgroup?
>If anyone here in Histo-Land cares to respond, I would like to know what
>types of preparations you are doing for your non-G cases; eg:  how many
>smears, cytospins, mono-layers, etc, per case.  Also, do you prepare
>different types of slides for different specimens? eg: spinal fluids vs.
>pleural fluids vs. urines, etc.
>Diana Goodwin, HT
>Trenton, NJ
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