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hi Diana, here at my small facility (200 beds) we have maybe 500 non-GYN cases
a year and we process them as follows:

cerebrospinal fluid: 2 cytospins (1 chamber funnel)
urine: 2 cytospins
sputum: 2 smears
pleural fluid: 1 cytospin
bronch washings: 1 cytospin
bronch brushings: 2 smears
ascites fluid: 1 cytospin
paracentesis/abdominal/cyst fluid: 1 cytospin unless it's clear,then 2

Of course a cell block is always obtained on the specimens as permitted and if
any specials are ordered they're either made of smears and/or cytospins. All
specimens except cerebrospinal fluid is done in a 2 chamber funnel. :o)

Kari Zajic, HT MLT
Lead Histo Tech
Columbia Palms West Hospital

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