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> Date:          Thu, 1 Oct 1998 12:23:04 -0400 (EDT)
> From:          Tamara Howard <>
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> Subject:       Cy2 fading

> Have you looked at the Jackson Lab's website (I'm not sure of the
> address, but I'm sure a search would find it)? They had some info about Cy
> dye fading/mounting...There seem to be problems with cleavage of the dye
> itself when samples are stored for long periods in certain mounting media.
> What are you using as mounting media? We use glycerol + 1mg/ml
> para-phenylenediamine (pH above 8.0) and the fading hasn't been too
> horrible with only short-term storage.
> Tamara Howard
> In the information sheet sent with the antibody, the company informs you
>that the
mounting media containing phenylenediamine may cause some trouble for
long-term storage. I use for Cy3 where these problems did not appear
Vectashield as mounting solution.  In the specimen stained with Cy2
and "treated" with Vectashield the fading was also too much ( but it
contains phenylenediamine). I think I will try Mowiol or Dabco as
mounting media.

Thanks for your and everybodies advice

Achim Schott


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