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From:Jeff and Wanda Gray <> (by way of histonet)
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Would Love to hear from you on this one!  We are having the SAME problem
and I cannot track it down!  We are doing everything the same as we
always have, including filtering the Carbol Fuchsin before use, but
there it is every time!
At first we thought it might be due to old solution, so I opened a new
bottle (ours is premade), filtered it,ran a slide , and there it was!
Not as heavy as the "old" bottle , but still there.  Haven't called the
company yet (Ricca out of Arlington) That's for Mon. A.M..
But please let me know what you find out!
TIA, Wanda

Hoye, Glenda F. (Fka Hood) wrote:
> Hi, Histonetters,
> I hope someone out there can help me with a precipitation problem --no, not
> rain!
> A student sent slides from their facility stained with AFB -- both patient
> and controls. Some of them are covered with a precipitate that I can't
> "decipher". Some other slides are not affected at all by this precip. Help
> would be appreciated.
> The stuff is mainly on the tissue itself, not on the slide where there's no
> tissue, and it polarizes, giving a fine scattering of "stars"; under oil
> objective, it looks brownish-black, is rounded (not linear), and they range
> from very tiny to larger, but none are as large as nuclei in the tissue;
> some of the larger pieces look sort of empty, and shaped like pneumocystis
> (saucer-like). The tissue is fixed in 10% NBF, both Histobond and an old
> (received in lab in 1993) Fisher product called "Aerosol OT" is added to the
> water bath -- the latter for release of wrinkles. They do not use a
> freeze-spray for chilling the blocks -- they face off, then return blocks to
> an ice tray for cooling.
> Respond to me either on the net or in person -- I'd like all the help I can
> get so I can help the students' lab. I don't  find any mention or pictures
> of such an artifact in any of my references.
> Glenda Hoye, BS, HT(ASCP)
> Histotechnology Program Director,
> Indiana University School of Allied Health Sciences
> 317.278.1599     fax 317.278.1820

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