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From:"Stan, Pat, Robert, Peter, & Angus Hansen" <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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      When not happy with an e-mail or recognize an e-mailer as one
that you for some reason do not wish to hear their opinion - Hit the
DELETE button.  There have been several discussions that I have
disagreed with and some "netters" who's opinion I have been diametically
(sp) oposed to and I still read then delete.  ALL persons who are
engaged in Histology are welcome here,  we need to be tolerent and use
the delete when needed.

Barry Rittman wrote:
> Might I suggest that we discontinue the discussion re vendors?
> Most vendors have, and will continue to use their common sense in their
> interactions with the Histonet.
> Let us get back to the business that this Histonet is famous for, the
> dissemination of knowledge and the availability of expertise in several
> fields.
> thank you.

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