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From:Alex Brown <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Dan,
	After a chat with the troops and a quick estimate of this
mornings workload, we reckon about 40 blocks/hour if there's a mix of
80:20,  levels/single sections, and 40 plus if single sections only.
Admittedly not all the sections are 'perfect', but they are generally
pretty good.  The old problem of quality versus quantity  :)

			Alex Brown
				Crosshouse Hospital
				Kilmarnock, Scotland.
From: Daniel & Linda Botsford
To: HistoNet Server
Subject: Workload:Block cutting/per hour
Date: 30 September 1998 23:00

Dear Histonet
Is 30 blocks  per hour a reasonable cutting rate for a clinical lab? We
have a caseload mix of 75% small specimens and 25% large specimens
(uterus,bowel, kidney, breast). This is assuming no outside
interruptions (frozens, phone etc.) Our slides are pre written with
surgical number. My pathologist is looking for reassurance that is the
general level of production. Thank you for your comments.


Daniel Botsford
Windsor Regional Hospital,
1995 Lens Avenue,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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