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I purchased a Leica Autostainer XL this spring and I love it. It is easy to
use, consistent in staining  and simple to maintain. I use it for both
routine and special stains, with great success. No more flooded floors :)
The racks hold 30 slides and you can run up to 11 different programs at
Hope this helps, best of luck!
Mary Georger
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> Sent: 	Monday, October 12, 1998 4:33 PM
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> Subject: 	H&E automated stainer
> Hello all,
> In my previous requests, I got lots of GREAT feedback on tissue
> processors and embedders, microtomes and IHC stainers.  Now we are
> narrowing down the search for  automated H&E type stainer.  Anyone have
> strong feelings for these instruments and care to rave/vent about their
> personal experiences?
> Thanks in advance!
> Valerie Degroff
> The Ohio State University
> Columbus, OH

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