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	If you are already set up to do IHC the you probably have all of the
necessary deparaffinization and rehydration/dehydration set up,  all you
need is a good Hematoxylin & Eosin. I would recommend you try Richard-Allan.
You could but a pint of Hem, a pint of Eosin and a gallon of clarifier and
be good to go. I like their 7211 Hematoxylin, it is stable for a long while
and very consistent.
Best of luck!
Mary Georger
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> Subject: 	H & E and nitrile gloves
> Hello Histonetters;
> We are a small research lab that does some IHC, and would like to do our
> own H&Es.  Does anyone know of a vendor that sells a kit with the reagents
> you need to do H&Es?  If not, where can I order the appropriate reagents.
> (I noticed that there are many different formulations of Hematoxylin and
> Eosin).  Also, I read the discussion on nitrile gloves, and would like to
> know where I can order some that would be appropriate for daily use.
> thanks a million!
> Robyn
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