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From:Ms Louise Taylor <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Leroy,
if this precipitate is sort of globby and amorphous, could it not be
some type of algae growing in the solution?. We have had this problem
especially in warm sunny laboratories, but usually with the eosin.
Try checking the pH - if it is too basic this might be compounding
the pronblem You might want to try keeping your unused solutions in
the fridge, or adding a little thymol to the solutions

On 30 Sep 98 at 17:31, LEROY BROWN wrote:

> Thank you for the ideas in response to my H&E stain precipitate problems,  I
> will be filtering regularly now.  but not sure if that is really the
> problem.  I use an auto stainer (code-on, stainer).  I use all Richard Allen
> stains and bluing and clarifier.  Never have had problems with precipitate
> before and never use to filter before.  I wonder if low water pressure in
> the rinse would cause inadequate rinsing and leave that precipitate?  I also
> change/rotate solutions with every full run of 50 slides.  any ideas?
> leroy brown
> hcs
> 85 se 8th Ave..
> oak harbor, WA 98277
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