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>A few days ago, we had one land in the corner of a lab coat facing. It
>was not found until the assistant was pulling on her coat from
>nervousness and felt it. We had all looked everywhere for what seemed
>like hours! What a relief! J:>)

When I was training as a histologist in a very big hospital in Salt Lake
City, we turned up with a missing block.  I was blamed for this... because I
was new and the person blaming me had a big desire to see me fired (she
wanted her own  daughter in the lab instead).  This block... naturally...
was from a very important case and we needed it for a number of special
stains.   The day after the Big Hunt, by accident, my lab supervisor put on
my adversary's lab coat... and found the block in the pocket.

Connie McManus, HT (ASCP)

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