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Well, this isn't entirely true since the affected dogs gradually accumulate
copper over time and it is the large amount of copper which eventually
precipitates a crisis of hepatic necrosis. So you still might be able to
detect copper in the liver without a hepatitis. However, not all dogs of
these breeds get this condition, of course. Again, more than everyone
probably ever wanted to know! P.S. Someone said they wouldn't be able to
tell a Bedlington if they saw one. I think they look remotely like George
Washington with their big noses and long curly ears -reminds me of those
powder wigs of the old days!!

Cindy Farman
Sierra Biomedical, Inc.
Sparks, Nevada

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Neither breed of terrier will provide a good positive copper liver
unless the dog had an active hepatitis at the time of death or
 This is all probably a lot more than the original
questioner ever hoped to (or possibly even wanted!) to learn, but
what the heck! We're all the wiser for it now, for what it's worth!
Cheers! Greg
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