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You should always contact the manufacturer of the equipment to get their
approval for use of any "new" reagent that is going to be used.  Don't
always go by what others have done or are doing,Otherwise you could
possibly void your warranty.

Mark Lewis
Technical Specialist
Shandon Lipshaw

Sent:  Tuesday, October 13, 1998 11:38 AM
Subject:  Clear-Rite on a VIP

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Hi gang,
I just got a call from a gal (who's not on the histonet) asking about
Cear-Rite (spelling?) on her VIP. I personally haven't used this on the
processor (I use a limonene based clearant). Anyway, I said I would post
her questions and send her the replies. She wants to know if the
times are kept the same as used with xylene; If this clearant has any
affect on immuno's; And, any other differences.  Here is her phone number
if you would like to call her directly instead of posting on histonet,
(970)244-2080. Her name is Deb Ritter.


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