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Currently we use a CD30 from NeoMarkers... Pretreatment includes a 20"
heat-induced epitope retrieval in 1mM EDTA(pH 8.0).  We include a rabbit
anti-mouse IgG  "amplification" step in our automated staining process.

As far as controls are concerned, 99.9% of the time our pathologists
want a Hodgkin's for a control when they order a combo. of CD30 and
CD15.  We also have an anaplastic large cell lymphoma as a control, but
I don't think we've ever deliberately pulled that one to use...

Sally Ann Drew, MT(ASCP)
U.of Wis. Hosp. & Clinics
IHC/ISH  Clin./Research Lab
600 Highland Ave. A4/204-2472
Madison, WI 53792-2472
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> Hi Listees,
> One of our pathologists is requesting we set up a CD30 (immuno)stain
> for
> him. What would you recommend as the best control? Would you recommend
> digestion and/or heat retreival? We have what we need, and will
> probably try
> it out a few different ways but I would be interested in other's
> experiences.
> One of the people I work with asked me what CD stood for....and I
> don't
> know!
> Thanks again one and all for all the Kappa/Lambda replys!
> Marg

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