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We use B plus (BBC) fixative for lymph nodes and bone marrows.  I don't
really remember how we got them to switch, I know it took a long, long, long
time.  They finally did and we haven't had any complaints since.

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> From: 	Cindy Higgerson[]
> Sent: 	Thursday, October 01, 1998 11:33 AM
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> Subject: 	B-5 Fixative Substitutes
> Hi Histonetters!
> I need help from those of you lucky enough to have convinced your
> pathologists to get rid of B-5 and use a substitute instead. We are
> still using B-5 and would like to eliminate it. We have obtained several
> samples of B-5 substitutes from different companies and have given our
> Pathologists lymph node slides using these fixatives to evaluate.  The
> slides look great, however they are still reluctant to eliminate the
> B-5.
> I would like to hear what fixatives are being used, how you convinced
> them to eliminate B-5, any pros or cons to any of the fixatives, and any
> problems you have had with any of the substitutes. Any information would
> be greatly appreciated.
> The substitutes we have tried are AZF by Newcomer, Zinc chloride by
> Newcomer, Z-5 by Anatech, Zinc chloride by Polyscientific, and Zinc
> Formalin by Stephens Scientific.
> Cindy Higgerson HTL (ASCP)
> Pathology Supervisor
> Memorial Hospital
> Belleville, Illinois

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