Mercury poisoning tissue stain?

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Hi all -
I appreciate the information passed around on this list server.  As stated
early, I also find myself laughing outloud at "life in the lab".

On a serious note, we are doing a postmortem on a baby who died of mercury
poisoning.  The mother died days earlier.  Can you believe this, she was
boiling off mercury to concentrate gold from her prospecting?  I know
there's gold to be had for a price in the mountains, here in California ...
but at what price??!!

Has anyone been able to demonstrate tissue deposition in acute, possibly
chronic mercury poisoning cases? Does anyone have a good tissue stain for
mercury deposits, our pathologist would like to demonstrate deposition if it
can be stained? Kidney? Liver? Brain?  Are there any tissues in anyone's
"banks" that has demonstrated positive mercury staining so I could validate
any finding on this unfortunate case?  Thanks.

Mark Briones
Valley Children's Hospital
Madera CA USA

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