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From:ODDBALSTER@aol.com (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <histonet@magicnet.net>
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Hi all you Histonet subscribers, I was just curious if any of you have
received phone calls from companies (medical) as a result of subscribing
and/or answering a question on this list after signing an e-mail? Just today I
was in my pathologist's office looking under the scope (at an appendix
containing very nice pinworms and ovas in the lumen,just thought I'd share!
haha) when I received a phone call from a state (FL) company wondering if I
was interested in some contract work through them and if I was "happy" with my
current employer. She then proceeded to tell me,and I quote, "I got your name
off of the Histonet"....Well, I found this quite disturbing considering I was
at work and I never left my phone number on the e-mail I had answered on here
(just my name and place of business, she must have called information to get
the telephone number to my hospital). I am in NO WAY blaming the Histonet and
it's affiliates, I think this list is WONDERFUL just thought I'd let everyone
know that there are some sneaky companies taking advantage of the so called
"free" advertising here on the list and it kinda ticks me off....well, thanks
for listening to me vent! :o)


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