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From: Katri Tuomala <katri@istar.ca>
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Heike Grabsch wrote:
> Hi Fellow Histonetters,
> in case you are suspecting M.Wilson, which means excessive copper storage
> for example in the liver, what sort of staining do you use and what sort
> of positive control?
> And is any body able to send us a positive control tissue block?
> thanks for your help,
> Dr. Heike Grabsch
> Dep. of Pathology
> University of Duesseldorf
> Moorenstrasse 5
> 40225 Duesseldorf
> Germany

Hi Heike,

I know there are more specific copper methods, but we use the Shikata's
Orcein method for Australia antigen, which our pathologists seem to be
happy with. We have a small supply of Wilson's disease as a control, but
I have heard that fetal liver tissue could be used. I am about to
investigate this for us. If I can be of help any further, let me know.

Katri Tuomala
Anatomical Pathology
St.Joseph's Hospital
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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