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Just got a notice of the following position available with a world famous
immuno-electron microscopist and all around good person who has just
relocated from the eastern to the western US.
Good Luck Paul.....

Position available

The House Ear Institute, located in the downtown Los Angeles area, is a
non-profit research and education organization dedicated to improving the
lives of people who have hearing and hearing related disorders.

We are looking for a special person interested in biomedical imaging. The
ideal person would be someone with previous experience in hearing
research with training in histology, protein purification, cell or
molecular biology, aseptic techniques, electron microscopy (including SEM
and immunocytochemistry), data collection or data management. A bachelors
or masters degree, or equivalent laboratory experience is required.
Candidates with a strong laboratory background not related to microscopy
but with an interest in learning imaging techniques are encouraged to

Please mail or fax resume with a letter of application to:

Paul Webster, Ph.D
House Ear Institute
2100 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057
phone:213 273 8026
fax: 213 483-8789
e-mail: pwebster@hei.org

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