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Subject: Cadenza immunostainer
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We use the Cadenza immunostainer in our lab. Capacity is 20
slides, so we put the test and control on the same slide. Minimum amount
of antibody is 100 ul/slide.There is an alarm that rings to tell you if
there is not enough antibody and/or an empty vial. A run for us takes
about 2 hours 40 min. You can only run one program at a time, although
you can leave the machine after you've created your run based on the
methods you've programmed in the machine (can take 10 different programs;
but no heat can be applied).
	 We also re-use our coverplates...rinse them in running water
with a little bit of acid alcohol; also re-use the vial for the
	We have had the Cadenza for at least 5 years now, the only major
problem we've had is that the key pad needed replacement.
	Occasionally, you can get little bubbles on the tissue itself and
you only notice this after the developing stage.

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