Cadenza Coverplates

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From:N Kenneison <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Hi all fellow Cadenza USers

Been following the various comments about the coverplates - much to the
disgust of the reps in the UK we use our coverplates over and over again
- some have been going for as long as four years.
We place each used coverplate n a weak bleach and then rinse in tap
water (very hard in our area of the UK) and we then put them through an
industrial dishwasher along with glassware - and they still give
excellent results.
OK they may be a bit scratched and discoloured but until the clip
doesn't grip the holder we keep using them.
This may sound a little radical but it does work and saves a fortune
over the years.

Does everybody with the early versions of the Cadenza have a magic
elastic band and what problems when it perishs???

NB IF you like wearing dark clothes don't get a light coloured dog!

N Kenneison

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