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Leukocyte surface molecules defined by antibodies have been assigned cluster
differentiation (CD) numbers at a series of international workshops (Paris,
1982; Boston, 1984; Oxford, 1986; Vienna, 1989).  Many, but not all,
existing antibodies have been reviewed and assigned; others that were not
considered or are newly discovered may be assigned at future workshops.

This is all a part of the movement toward more standardization in
Immunohistochemistry.  A large part of this, as well, is the quality
assurance program developed by the CAP.  This program utilizes slides that
are sent to each participating laboratory by CAP to be stained and returned
for evaluation.  It also tests the reagents used by the laboratory, the
performance of the staining protocol, and the basic interpretation of the
results.  For more information about this program write:

        APEX Program
        325 Waukegan Road
        IL 60093-2750

More about the retrieval on decal specimens, too.  After more research, I
have discovered that BioGenex sells a "DeCal Retrieval Solution".  In their
own inimitable fashion, BioGenex has patented this solution (U.S. Pat. No.
5,578,452).  It consists of "a room temperature pretreatment developed by
BioGenex to unmask antigens in formalin-fixed, acid-decalcified tissue
embedded in paraffin or celloidin (Shi et al, Acta Otolaryngol [Stockh]
113:48, 1993)."   Note that this product is NOT intended for use in the
microwave.  Hope this helps you with that problem, Marg!

By the way....for anyone your request, BioGenex will also
will send you a reference chart on "Primary Antibodies for
Immunohistochemistry Using the Microwave Antigen Retrieval Method".  I
received mine in the mail today, and it makes suggestions as to which
retrieval method should be used for each antigen you are attempting to
retrieve.  It looks immensely helpful to me.

And NO....this is not in any way to be considered an endorsement for
BioGenex.  I do not work for them, nor do I have any stock in the company!

Sarah A. Jones, HTL(ASCP)
Associated Pathology Medical Group
459 Monterey Avenue
Los Gatos
CA 95031

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Date: Tuesday, October 06, 1998 4:57 PM
Subject: CD30

>Hi Listees,
>One of our pathologists is requesting we set up a CD30 (immuno)stain for
>him. What would you recommend as the best control? Would you recommend
>digestion and/or heat retreival? We have what we need, and will probably
>it out a few different ways but I would be interested in other's
>One of the people I work with asked me what CD stood for....and I don't
>Thanks again one and all for all the Kappa/Lambda replys!

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