Bone Marrows

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Our Hematology Department provides a kit to the to the attending
physician of the nursing unit. This kit contains a small (3 ml) lavender
sterile vacutainer tube (7.5% EDTA), a small tube containing 10% Neutral
Buffered Formalin and a 12 ml plastic tube.
The Doctor places 3 ml of the aspiration into the EDTA and mixes at
least eight times. The remainder of the aspiration (1/3 of the syringe)
goes into the plastic tube. If a bone biopsy is done it goes into the
10% NBF. The specimens are sent to the lab by the nursing staff.
Hematology makes smears from the EDTA specimen and stains the slides.
The clot, formalin specimen and smears then come to Histology for
further processing and review by the pathologist.
This kit saves considerable procurement time previously done by the Hemo


Windsor Regional Hospital,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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