Blocks per Hour

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From:A G DU TOIT <AGDT@GERGA.SUN.AC.ZA> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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To all Histonetters,
Let me try to explain.  When I said that "we", meaning each of the
technologists in Histo are, capable of cutting 100 -120 blocks per
hour.  Cutting those blocks does not include the trimming of the
blocks.  We trim our blocks before we put them on an ice tray to
cool down.  The thickness of the sections varies between 3 and 5
microns depending on the type of tissue.  The slides are already
written out (labelled).  This include serial sections on some, as I
have said before, it is a mixed load.  I hope that it makes more
sense now.
Regards to all and have a nice day.

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