Beware those labcoats or replacements

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Right Simon, but don't try too hard, you may get something worse.

At my old hospital lab we replaced lab coats with "barrier gowns" which
were supposed to be impervious to blood. They were, I guess, but they
were also impervious to air, and along with the elasticized cuffs and
rear buttons, they were diffcult to put on and a bear to work in. The
concept of a sauna comes to mind. Not only that, they fit like a
parachute and got in the way. A plain old plastic apron does the job

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Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 14:00:05 -0400
Subject: Re[2]: Beware those labcoats / CD definition

     Well said Mike, but you try justifying new style labcoats to the
     powers that be...  They have two definitions, safe and unsafe.
     safe is sometimes just too difficult to explain.  It requires words
     more than one syllable.


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Subject: Re: Beware those labcoats / CD definition
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Date:    10/7/98 8:37 PM

Hear Hear!! Good call Jeff.
Labcoats should be banned, anything with long sleeves that are not
elasticised at the wrists are damn dangerous (you catch the flywheel
of the microtome etc.) , if pockets are allowed they should only be
pockets. If you are seated then lab coats offer no protection whatsoever
(they open below the button line). In an emergency it can be sometimes
difficult to get a lab coat off a staff member in a hurry.
For these reason we only allow staff to wear short sleeve rear opening
surgical smocks with velcro (tear apart) tabs. In wet areas plastic
disposeable aprons which are easily ripped off in an emergency.
Mike Rentsch

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From: Jeff Silverman <>
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Date: Thursday, 8 October 1998 6:05
Subject: Re: Beware those labcoats / CD definition

>Labcoats are dangerous; I use disposable aprons. Chairs (pockets
hooking up
>or wheels rolling over the tail) are  just one reason why I never wear
>coat.  I'm six foot eight and look mighty stupid when a lab coat pocket
>latches onto a doorknob or a bannister in a stairwell as I'm running to
>answer that stain timer!
>CD stands for cluster designation and each CD is applied to a molecule
>like a transmembrane receptors for growth factors or cytokines, also
>integrins and cell adhesion molecules- I don't think they are limited
>leukocytes though that's where the earliest members were found. All
>antibody clones recognizing different epitopes of the same molecule get
>same cluster designation.
>Jeff Silverman
>> From: connie mcmanus <>
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Lab coat black holes
>> Date: Tuesday, October 06, 1998 7:23 PM
>> I've also noticed lab coat pockets like to reach out a grab things,
>> You know... you're in a hurry (usually with a coplin jar of Giemsa
>> something colorful), you pass the chair you usually sit in to section
>> the lab coat pocket thinks that chair is a dancing partner!  Ooops...
>> dye all over the floor and you!  *vbg*
>> Connie M.
>> >     Many moons ago one of the supervisors in the lab I was working
>> >     lab coats that seemed to suck in all the pens and pencils in
>> >     immediate area.  Whenever she finished one job and moved off to
>> >     another she would absent mindedly pick up writing implements
>> >     them in her pocket.We would usually retrieve them when she went
>> >     break.  I wonder if this is related to similar behavior
observed in
>> >     (That's television, not transvestite, I hasten to add) news
>> >     whereby they shuffle their papers at the end of a transmission.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >Well , I was only responding to the fact that blocks have a strange
>> >attraction to lab coat pockets... it's the first place I look for
>> >ANYTHING!  *G*
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >

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