Amyloid can be obscure. Re: congo red

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On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, Bryan Llewellyn wrote:

> I have run into this on a few occasions.  It is in the nature of amyloid to
> be variable in staining.  If you really must prove its presence, then cut
> some of the tissue out of the block, dewax it and send it for EM.  Although
> the ultrastructural morphology will be the pits, the very characteristic
> structure of amyloid is retained.  We did this on a case a few years ago,
> when the only stain that demonstrated it was thioflavin T.  It did turn out
> to be amyloid.
                 Bryan Llewellyn

  This is a real HistoNet gem!
                               John Kiernan
                               London, further E. in Canada.

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