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   Check  the  original  source of your method. If it's a typed sheet
   with= no published source (such as a book or a peer-reviewed paper),
   forget= it and start again.
Malachite green is used = mainly in bacteriology. Recent and traditional applications are summar= ized, with references in Conn's Biological Stains.= For general-purpose counterstaining to follow PAS, I recommend any ha= emalum nuclear stain (eg Mayers's, Ehrlich's, Gill's) followed= by  fast green FCF (0.1-0.2% in 1-2% acetic acid). T= his gives you blue nuclei and green cytoplasm and collagen. The green = has a bluish cast, but both colours contrast well with PAS. For a wi= de variety of anionic counterstains in various colours, see Presnell J K & Schreibman MP (1997) Humason's Animal Tissue Techniques,= 5th ed. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ Press. Earlier editions of = Humason's have the same information.
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Subject: [Histonet] malachite green coun= terstain
<= BR>> Anyone have knowledge of using malachite green as a
= > counterstain for PAS stains for fungus? I have been getting< BR>> poor results using it as it tends to wash out very quickly=
> in the dehydrating process before coverslipping. Any = ideas?
> It seems as though it hasn't worked as well l= ately as it has
> in the past...getting mixed succes= ses. Something is wrong
> with my voodoo!
> Puzzled dermatotech
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