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From:"Susan Bachus"

Back in the old days we used to use "india ink" to label slides--so I don't 
know whether it would also work on tissue (as opposed to glass), but it 
might be worth a try.   Susan
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We dry and heat the tissue surface with a hair-dryer at the grossing. It
sounds a little bit rigid, but it works and the tissue margins are easily
seen in the slide. The excess dye also will be solved in the NBF, but there
sticks enough on the tissuemargins.

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Betreff: [Histonet] histology ink washing off

I am having a problem with histology tissue marking ink washing off
specimens in water, PFA, or 70% alcohol.  This is before the tissue even
gets processed for paraffin embedding. Does anyone have any suggestions on
how to keep the ink from coming off?  Thank you.


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