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From:Joseph Saby

Jenee-I have almost always used 10% NBF for brain fixation.  We're talking rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, pigs, dogs, primates, etc.The only exception to that was when we were having an issue with the brains settling to the bottom of the fixation container and developing flat spots where it came to rest on the bottom.  We tried adding 37% formaldehyde to the 10% NBF to change the density of the solution to "float" the brains (at least enough to keep them off the bottom.  This worked beautifully, except that the brains now stretched during sectioning, and we ended up with many wrinkles in all directions.  Talk about the law of unintended consequences!  What a mess!  Needless to say, we went back to the old standby, but supported our brains dorsal side down in a gauze suspension.  Unless the brain is very large (in which case I would suggest slicing it and fixing the slices separately), I would sticking with 10% NBF.=0AJoe Saby----- Original Message ----From: "" To: Friday, October 17, 2008 2:21:27 PMSubject: [Histonet] fixative for brains?I'm trying to revise our laboratories SOPs. They currently are using 20% NBF to fix mammalian brains and alcohol-formalin to fix avian brains. In the past, I've used 10% NBF for all brains. Does anyone have any input on this? I'd like to keep things simple, if possible, and just use one fixative. Jenee S. Odani, D.V.M., Dipl. ACVPVeterinary Medical OfficerHawaii State Veterinary Laboratory/DAI99-941 Halawa Valley Street, Aiea, HI, 96701Phone: (808) 483-7131/Fax: (808) 483-7110_______________________________________________Histonet mailing listHistonet@lists.utsouthwestern.edu You Yahoo!?Tired of spam?  Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around 
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