Re: [Histonet] eosin pH

From:Rene J Buesa

The eosin should be acidic and you get to that point adding 1% aq. sol. of acetic acid to you prepared solution, at a rate of 1 mL acetic/100 mL of eosin solution.
René J.

--- On Mon, 10/20/08, Hana Peter  wrote:

From: Hana Peter 
Subject: [Histonet] eosin pH
Date: Monday, October 20, 2008, 4:29 AM

Can someone tell me the right pH for eosin y 1% aqueous solution?
The one I made from powder has pH 6.3. Is this OK? The commercial one we 
usually buy is a bit lower (5.7).
Thank you in advance!
Hana Peter

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