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From:"Gayle Callis"

Hopefully Chris van der Loos is looking in on this and will send the person 
who needs to do double IHC.  He just published a very useful method in 
Journal of Histotechnology on this subject where the first antibody complex 
is removed, leaving behind chromogen after a retrieval method followed by 
the second antibody complex with a different chromogen.  He may have a pdf 
of his publication available.

Gayle M. Callis
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Incubate with one antibody and use DAB as the chromagen, then go back and 
incubate with the second antibody and use a colored chromagen such as AEC.


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OK chaps, which in your opinion is the best double labelling method when one 
is using primary antibodies raised in the same species, I am aware that 
Vector labs supply such a kit; many thanks..

Richard Edwards
University of Leicester


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