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Hello Emily,

I'm so sorry if someone told you to spray an anti-static spray into the
cryostat chamber.  That is not a recommended practice and it should not be
done.  Spraying anything into a cryochamber creates an aerosol that can
contaminate the air in the breathing zone of the operator...and we all know
what is lurking in the depths of our cryostats.

As you suggested, storing a small container of alcohol in the back of the
cryostat while sectioning (remove when finished) and grounding the blade
holder are effective and safe ways to reduce static electricity.  You can
also try placing an anti-static clothes dryer sheet in front of or behind
the knife holder.

Again, I apologize for the misinformation.  Please feel free to contact me
if I can help in any other way.

Best wishes,

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Unfortunately, this sounds like static electricity.
Leica suggests spraying anti-static spray in the chamber (!).  You could
also ground the metal in the chamber using metal wire touching something
metal outside the chamber (the Russian post-doc solution, very clever).  We
keep 100% EtOH in a small container (about 100 ml) in the back of the
chamber to reduce static, which I learned from a long ago histonet post, so
I have no idea why it works.
Otherwise, buy an anti-static brush, which I hear exists, but have never

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