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From:John Kiernan

   Alkaline  phosphatases  are  enzymes  that  catalyse the hydrolysis of
   phosph=  ate  esters.  That  includes  phosphate  esters of tyrosine
   (formed  by  acti= on of tyrosine kinases). This hydrolysis restores
   the phenolic side-ch= ain of tyrosine. The traditional histochemical
   blocking reactions for = tyrosine
    Acylation, with acetic anhydride of benzoyl chloride
   = Iodination, with iodine
    Nitrati= on, with tetranitromethane.
None of these reactions are speci= fic for tyrosine, but they will prevent histochemical reactions that g enerate coloured products with that amino acid, such as the Millon tes= t.
John Kiernan
Anatomy, UWO
= London, Canada
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Soldana Cristiana ICH <cristiana.soldani@hu>
Date: Thursday, November 13, 2008 11:= 02
Subject: [Histonet] alkaline phosphatase
To: hi

> I would li= ke to know if someone used alkaline phosphatase on
> cryo= statictissue section to block the tyrosine.
&= gt; I have alkaline phosphatase from shrimp (sigma) but I don't know how
> many units I have to use, the temperature, the = time....
> Many thanks
&= gt;
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