Re: [Histonet] Telly's fixative. Also Bodian.

From:John Kiernan

   R. Tellyesniczky published more than one
   fixative, 1898-190= 5. His best-known one translates into
   AFA  or  FAA: mostly ethyl alcoh= ol, with about 4% formaldehyde
   and  about  5%  acetic  acid. It was = reinvented in 1937 by David
   Bodian          (Anat.         Rec.         69:   153-162)   as   the   best  fixative  for
   subsequent  =  staining  of  axons  with  his  1936  protargol  method
   (Anat.   Rec<=   /EM>.  65:
   89-97).   AFA   mixtures   are   gene=  rally  better  than  aqueous
   formaldehyde  fixatives  if you need to stain no= rmal or regenerating
   axons    in    paraffin    sections   with   any   silver   method.   
Bob Richmond may remember Bodian from Johns H= opkins. Bodian made important contributions to knowledge of functional= human neuroanatomy from clinico-pathological correlations in people wit= h poliomyelitis. He correlated the positions of virus-killed = motor neurons in the spinal cord with the muscles that were paralysed b= efore death. This was a big job! The adult human spinal cord is 45 cm = long, and  neuronal columns can be appreciated only in transv= erse sections.
John Kiernan
Neuroanat= omist at UWO
London, Canada
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> Does anyone have a recip= e for Telly's fixative?
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