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From:"Joe Nocito"

it's a good thing you asked.
I let my nails (well not my nails personally, but the specimen nails) soak 
in 20% ammonium hydroxide or 20% sodium hydroxide for at least 1 hour 
(sodium hydroxide works better, but whatever you can get). Then I rinse the 
blocks in running water for 2-3 minutes, then place in formalin for normal 
processing. When cutting, I use positive slides with a waterbath filled with 
distilled water (if you use an adhesive, you will be defeating the purpose 
of the charged slides) cut at 4 microns and place in an 80 C oven for 15 
minutes. Make sure that the slides are completely dried before beginning 
staining (if the slides are still  a little wet, I put them in front of a 
small fan to blow off all the water). My lab performs at least 10 blocks per 
day and we don't have problems with the H&E or the PAS/fungus. Hey, that's 
why they call me Joe, the Toe.

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Subject: [Histonet] Nails

We are having problems getting nail sections to stick to the slide. They 
almost always fall off the slide during H&E staining. We use plus slides and 
various adhesives - sta-on, hairspray, etc. with no success.

Is there anybody that can help me by sharing their secret method to get nail 
sections survibe H&E staining without falling off?

Please help!!!!



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