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From:"Mark Tarango"

Well just like Roxanne I quit my job over this.  I brought up the way he
charges in the job interview and he claimed that he had letters from lawyers
that said it was okay and that he DIDN'T actually bill medicare for
88305-TC, but only insurance companies.  When I started working there
in billing dept, I found myself charging 88305-TC to medicare.  He obviously
lied.  They only pay to the histo lab a small portion of the reimbursement.

They want me to go back and now the docs say I can setup a lab to make the
operation legit.  I'm worried if I should even cash the paycheck... back on
the job hunt...

Thanks for the responses,


On 10/23/08,  wrote:

> If the histology is outsourced the technical portion cannot be charged.
> Although, I know some pod labs, that have found loopholes to this--that is
> whay I no longer work for one.
> Roxanne
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> Subject: [Histonet] 88305 pod lab question
> Can a pathologist who has a "lab" but the lab is just the pathologist's
> microscope (because histology is outsourced) charge 88305 and get the money
> for the technicial component?  I thought this was against the rules...
> Anyone know?
> Mark
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