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Hi Gudrun,

Any antibody I have used for vWF detects the complex (DAKO's A0082 pAb for example) ...

I believe the Factor VIIIa comes into play once cleaved as you mention below. Is this something you need to specifically be concerned with? I thought you/your PI just wanted a good pan endothelial antibody?

If you want an antibody to detect endothelial cells (EC) this is a good one but be aware vWF is also expressed in megas and gives a punctate expression pattern as it is localized to EC Weibel-Pallade bodies and platelets. I still use it all the time as it is so robust a marker. 

Have you tried VE-cadherin? It is a good pan marker in IHC for ECs.

Good luck,

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Subject: AW: [Histonet] synonym of Factor VIII?

Many thanks to all that answered my question, but I am still in doubt.


This is from Wikipedia:

"Von Willebrand factor is not an enzyme and therefore has no catalytic
activity. Its primary function is binding to other proteins, particularly
Factor VIII and it is important in platelet adhesion to wound sites".

"Factor VIII is bound to vWF while inactive in circulation; Factor VIII
degrades rapidly when not bound to vWF. Factor VIII is released from vWF by
the action of thrombin."


Could it be possible, that in our technical manner the two proteins are seen
as one, because Factor VIII alone can hardly be detected?


Gudrun Lang



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 Factor VIII is also known as vonWillebrand factor. I don't recall a Factor
VIIIa.though there may very be one. There is a however a Factor XIIIa not
the same at all. 

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> Hi all, 
> I need some help to find the right antibody for IHC. My pathologists told
> to find a Factor VIIIa - antibody. It should be a good marker for 
> angioendothels. 
> When I search, always the "vonWillebrand Factor" appears. And I don't
> if that are synonyms for the same antigen. 
> And if there even exists an VIII a, with stress on "a". 
> Can anyone help me? Or even recommend an antibody (Ventana Benchmark XT)? 
> Bye 
> Gudrun Lang 
> Histolabor, Akh Linz, Austria 
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