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We created an access database file (you could also do it on an excel spreadsheet) with all the dry chemicals.  We included date received, date opened, chemical catalog #, name and expiration date.  We assigned expiration dates based on our best knowledge of how long it would be good.  We then sorted the file by expiration date so we can keep track of chemicals which are due to expire and printed it out.  When the expiration date comes up we check the chemical and either discard it or adjust the expiration date.  This way we can keep track of them all easily.

Judy Collins
Palm Beach Pathology

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hello all,  we were inspected the beginning of june by cap and one of our deficiency was anp.21382.  it had to do with outdated reagents.  my director want all of my dry chemicals gone!!!!   I have gone through them and just have what I need for the special stains that we do in house.  does anyone know do they put expiration dates on dry chems.  we have things like light green, biebrich scarlet, periodic acid.  I really hate to get rid of all of this but he thinks I should.

what are others doing about this? I can see after you have made up things to not keep it long but dry I know many yrs ago the biological stain commission thought it would be meaningless and arbitrary to put expiration dates on stains.  it would me more important to maintain a record of the use of the powdered stain.  which is what we do when we do the stain with our controls.

anyway just wondering if there were any thoughts out there about this.

anita dudley
providence hosp
mobile alabama
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