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Found this on Histosearch.  Also, when I was in a hospital lab we used it all the time on breast and any fatty tissues with great success.

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Well this is a different question altogether, you are wondering about if you should use Penfix versus NBF (you should never use unbuffered 10% formalin).
Penfix is a commercial mixture of less than 10% formalin + methanol + ethanol + 2-propanol (3 different alcohols) in undisclosed (proprietary amounts) never evaluated independently (meaning that the only "evaluation" was done by the manufacturer).
It has been said (anecdotalal information) that "overfixes" and dries small biopsies, something understandable due to the alcohols it contains.
Since alcohols and formalin fix tissues in very different ways I personally do not see any advantage (and I could think on some disadvantages) of this "combined" fixation.
I personally would NOT use it. Now it is after you.René J.

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Hi Everyone :)
Thanks to all for answering my question about why you would put bone in PennFix before decal :) Maybe I should have written the question a bit differently. I know bone is to be well fixed before decal...I just wanted to know why someone would put bone in Pennfix versus 10% neutral buffered formalin??? Is there any difference or extra benefits with PennFix??
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