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We recently went through this the testing and the status saved us money as that it was not considered hazardous but because of trace components like the sodium azide we are having it carted away. It is under a reduced risk category and not being charged the same as DAB off of other instruments. We had the potential waste removal company test it for us at a reasonable price.

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>From the practical point of view, what costs more, the analysis that may turn out to show the requirement of discarding by a specialized contractor any way, or just doing that from the beginning?
Are you going to test ALL your used reagents? For me there is a clear action to take: do not discard into the sewer and treat everything as hazardous and use the services of a specialized waste management company.
The "principle" that we can add "bad stuff" because there is already a "lot of bad stuff" out there is, from the environmental point of view, just outrageous and totally irresponsible!
René J.

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Amy, you should certainly contact the customer service folks at Ventana to 
see if they have heard of this before.  I would suspect they have.  If so, 
they may be able to give you some specific info about the waste that would 
help you.

But to be certain, you can take the results from your analysis (yes Rene J, 
there are Analytical Laboratories all over the country that specialize in 
this type of test via organic extraction, toxicity bioassay, and other EPA 
regulated testing) and find out how they comply with your local code.  You 
can find the local codes for your municipality on   One 
thing you will want to be sure about, your municipality is (most likely) 
only concerned with the waste that comes out of the facility as a whole...or 
"end of pipe".  That's helpful to you because your waste gets
diluted many 
times over before it gets to the "end of pipe".  And, yes, it is not
to dilute waste like this for the sake of getting past the local waste 
enforcement, but if it gets diluted in the course of leaving the building, 
that's usually okay according to federal hazardous waste regulations (40
261) which can be found at

Try not to worry too much about the alligators in the sewer..there is a 
bunch of nasty stuff much worse than LCS coming from that building if it's
hospital...I assure you.  Just think about all the goo coming from sterile 

Anyway I hope that helps.

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Hello Histoland,

We have a Benchmark XT.  The sales rep told us it was ok to dump the
waste down the drain.  THEN we were told that the waste is hazardous and
actually causes mutant changes in lab animals.  (wow, I could turn into
Rogue or Storm! My luck, I'd be Beast or Toad . . . . .)

Anyway, can I get some feedback from you guys about how you dispose of
the waste from the Benchmark XT?  We had someone here to test it, but
we're still waiting for results.


Amy, Camp Hill PA

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