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Markus, we have successfully stained with x-gal, then decalcified with formic acid (ImmunoCal) and then paraffin processed. In our hands, if we did the x-gal technique first and then decalcified with EDTA, the blue positive staining came out. It does not using formic acid.

I have seen published reports successfully x-gal staining by decalcifying with EDTA first, then staining with x-gal and paraffin processing.

Beware doing this technique on bone though. Osteoclasts in normal bone will stain positively with the X-gal staining procedure (ref. Histol Histopathol (2007) 22: 971-976 B-Galactosidase staining on bone marrow. The osteoclast pitfall)

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Thank you for this note.
I want to do this on bone (Paraffin).
Do you think whole mounts on bone will work, plus de-cal? Regards, Markus
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Melissa wrote:

>>I am looking for a protocol to fix and stain in paraffin embedded
>>subcutaneously grown mouse tumors for LacZ.  Can anyone help?  M.<<

Far as I know, one cannot stain paraffin embedded material with x-gal. We will do either whole mount X-gal staining, post-fix, and then paraffin process and section, or we will fix, sucrose cryoprotect, freeze and then cryosection to do the X-gal staining. Send me an email if you want to have our protocols for doing either.

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