RE: [Histonet] Protect fingers during Microtomy

From:Jackie M O'Connor

My Dad was a workman's comp expert for a large insurance company.   In the 
early 90's, I was managing a histo lab where the head pathologist (funny, 
a neuropath) thought it would be cheaper to resharpen stainless steel 
microtome knives instead of using disposable blades.(I had a previous 
nasty injury from a steel knife).   Dad put together an estimate on each 
individual finger of how much $$ the hospital would have to pay out in the 
event of major lacerations or amputation.  We also included feet - since 
those heavy knives would often hit the floor when you had to jump out of 
the way if someone mishandled one.   Turned out, we never used stainless 
steel knives again.    It was cheaper to use disposables than for one 
person to lose the use of a thumb.
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