RE: [Histonet] Protect fingers during Microtomy

From:"Telgenhoff, Dr. Dale"

Not me, but the guy who trained me.  Remember the old knife sharpeners that looked like record players?  He was removing the blade (they got pretty oily) and it slipped.  His natural reaction was to grab for it, slicing three fingers to the bone.  Made for a good cautionary tale...
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 Me - 1982 - working in a S. Florida hospital I sliced open the base of
my thumb on the corner of a big steel blade as I was sectioning. Didn't
even notice it until I saw the blood dripping off my elbow.

I went to the ER and was sitting on a gurney with my hand submerged in a
bowl of betadine waiting to be stitched up. After what seemed like a
pretty long time,  I deftly fell off the gurney onto the floor tipping
the entire bowl all over onto myself.

Upon hearing the clamor of me hitting the floor and the metal bowl
banging around a rush of ER staff charged in and I got prompt service
thereafter. I still have the scar, but I never cut myself again :-)


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OK - time to poll - who has had sutures from microtomy?  Me!    23 years

ago - 8 months pregnant, and not paying attention to what I was doing.
yeah, and one other time, I cut off the tip of my finger beta testing a
microtome safety invention from EHS.

Peter Carroll 
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Re: [Histonet] Protect fingers during Microtomy

 > I am looking some think (like gloves)to protect the fingers during

No offense, but if you're that prone to injury, I recommend steering
clear of microtomes in general ;)

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