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I give each Pathologist a report for the batch and eliminate (X off) the
cases done by the other Pathologist(s) in reporting area. Yes, more
paper is used, but this eliminates "blank" areas and satisfies the
requirement. I also request that they indicate if the case would work as
potential control tissue and review the sheets as I put them in a
binder. This also is a means of making sure that they A) return it, and
B) filled them out. I am fortunate that my Pathologists are prompt and
concise with their reporting. How are you doing your QC for your H&E
stains? I have a similar sheet for them to fill out as well. Each has
there own and only fills out the days they read (they rotate the
duties). When the sheets are returned at the end of the month, I
indicate on the sheet that "*blank lines indicated slides read by other
Pathologist". I also check to see that between them, each day is
accounted for the month. Hope this helps! Happy Halloween!

Susan M Weber HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
10701 East Blvd
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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anyone out there that has a ventana benchmark XT,  how do you handle the
reports for the pathologist to sign off on when you have more than one
path?  do you just print one for each dr. or do then pass it around and
sigh off on their case?
we had a joint com. person tell us that we could not have an empty
space?  we now send one to each dr., they sigh their cases and we file
all the sheets.  there are enpty spaces where one signs and the other
has signed in another place. what are others doing?  
thanks for the help.  we could have them pass the report around but I
know that won't work very well.
thanks again,  everyone have a good halloween!!!!  
anita dudley
providence hosp
mobile alabama
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