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Molecular Probes (now Invitrogen) makes some really good kits for doing
fluorescent labeling of human antibodies that can be applied to human
tissue.  They also make kits for mouse on mouse applications.  These
Zenon kits come in a variety of fluorphores and I believe they also have
some haptens like biotin that can be used for chromagenic staining.  It
is essentially the same concept as the Dako Animal Research Kit:
pre-labeling the primary mAb with a labeled Fab fragment secondary
followed by an Ig block to absorb the unbound secondary antibody.

Scott Turner
Scientist II
Schering-Plough Biopharma
Palo Alto, CA

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I am wondering if anyone has found, and or used, an IHC polymer kit for
a human anti human monoclonal antibody.  Beyond the polymer kit, does
anyone have any tips for using a human anti human antibody for IHC
without biotinylating it?


Thank you.


Brian Johnson

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