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Yes, it was kind of hard to tell exactly what he is seeking. He did not really say if he wanted formal instruction or if he wanted to have something more like on-the-job training or something on particular techniques? In any case, I can give him the information that I have, and see if it will help him. Thanks for your input.
Histology Program at Columbus State: webpage-
Joelle Weaver> Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 14:31:24 -0800> From:> To:> CC:;;> Subject: Re: [Histonet] Advanced Histo training> > Joelle,> > I agree that no program can be completed in 4 months, but they are not > looking for a complete program. It would be nice to hear exactly what > are they looking for with advance training, training with Immunos, > special stains, etc..> > Victor> > Victor Tobias> Clinical Applications Analyst> University of Washington Medical Center> Dept of Pathology Room BB220> 1959 NE Pacific> Seattle=2C WA 98195>> 206-598-2792> 206-598-7659 Fax> ========================3D=========================3D> Privileged, confidential or patient identifiable information may be> contained in this message. This information is meant only for the use > of the intended recipients. If you are not the intended recipient, or > if the message has been addressed to you in error, do not read, > disclose=2C reproduce, distribute, disseminate or otherwise use this > transmission. Instead, please notify the sender by reply e-mail, and > then destroy all copies of the message and any attachments.> > > > joelle weaver wrote:> > I am not aware of any Histology program that can be completed in 4 months. I know that there are a few online programs which offer condensed training and instruction. I am involved with one located in Columbus, Ohio. But this program is 3 quarters in length plus prerequisites. We do offer some non-traditional credit for non-registered, uncertified techs. I can send a link to the program website if this may be of interest -if you will reply to this message.> > > > Thanks> > Joelle> > > >> To:> From:> Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 13:04:34 -0800> CC:> Subject: [Histonet] Advanced Histo training> > Is there anyone out there that can answer this gentleman's questions. He > is interested in getting advanced training in histotechnology over a 4 > month period. We offer an AS degree and the HT classes are spread out > over 2 years.> Thank you,> > > hi Sir,> > I am khalid al-housni from Oman working as histotechnician with bachelor > degree working in SQU Hospital since 5 years. I am looking for very good > advanced training in histotechnology to reach qualified experience . > duration( 4 months )> I hope that you will give me your support and my Job Administration will > pay for this training.> > Thanx alot.> > yours,> Khalid> > _______________________________________________> Histonet mailing list>>> >> > > _________________________________________________________________> > Access your email online and on the go with Windows Live Hotmail.> >> > Histonet mailing list> >> >> > > 
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