[Histonet] X-Gal stain of bone

From:"Andrea Hooper"

Dear Markus,

We do X-Gal staining on bone and in the best scenario the animals are 
perfused with glutaraldehyde (GA). PFA tends to quench the beta-gal 
activity and the results may not be 100% accurate (underestimation of 
positivity).  Though if you want to do IHC on these samples, I am 
sure you know that the GA fix obliterates that possibility. Also it 
is critical to decalcify in EDTA rather than an acid decal.

Let me know if you need more details,

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>Thank you for this note.
>I want to do this on bone (Paraffin).
>Do you think whole mounts on bone will work, plus de-cal? Regards, Markus


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