[Histonet] Winterize formalin?

From:"Sate Hamza"

Dear Histonetters,

A colleague from Boston posted this inquiry to our dermatopathology mailing
list: "Does anyone [have] the formula to winterize formalin? We were adding
15 ml of alcohol to 1000 ml of 10% buffered formalin. It used to work but is
not working now at -20" ..

Interestingly, I found out that we do not "winterize" formalin up here in
Winnipeg, Canada (also jokingly referred to as "Winterpeg"). I am wondering
if anyone on the list "winterizes" formalin .. I found the following
abstract of a Japanese paper by searching in Pubmed


Thank you ..


Sate Hamza, MD, FRCPC
Winnipeg, Canada
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